Producción de cine y documentales

Óscar, una pasión surrealista


A revealing portrayal of a forgotten icon of French Surrealism: Spanish painter Óscar Domínguez, contemporary of Picasso.
The film rediscovers the life of a talented artist who was ignored after commiting suicide, victim of a serious illness that desfigured his body: the elephant Man’s disease.
The film is stirring and touching and compels admiration for the bohemian painter whose fate was self-destruction after a wild crazy life. Lucas Fernández turns the life of a debauchee, who regarded himself as a monster due to his desease, into a universal story where art is the product of love and loneliness, of sex and violence before, during and after the Nazi invasion of Paris

Category: Film.
Genre: Drama | Biographical
Distributor: Kikazaru Films




Nacho wakes up in the futuristic planet Gliese, where he discovers before time that death does not exist. He lives a confrontational journey in which he has to decide whether to accept it or to return to Earth and put an end to the conspiracy forever.

Category: Film.
Genre: Science Fiction
Production Company:: Kikazaru Films

Rocket 15


Rocket 14 is a kids/teenagers series that portraits issues that concern most of our younger generations.
From the problems ranging from their age and enviroment such as: harassment, identity problems, hormonal changes, relationships with others to global issues (ecology, climate change, technology, social media, solidarity, sexism, racism…) and how they deal with them.
All the series presents these issues through the prism of empathy, ethics, solidarity, respect and many other values, during the trips of the main character that has the ability to travel form one side to the other of the globe in his space rocket in just a matter of seconds.

Category: Series.
Genre: Children | Youth
Production Company: Kikazaru Films

Mars: Crimson Frontier


It’s a documentary series that contextualizes why civilization must move forward in space exploration. The series spreads the feeling of humanity as a single society with one common purpose: to promote the civilization as a universal species in an attempt to ensure survival. It provides arguments about whether intelligent life is exclusive to earth or, if it isn’t, why haven’t other life forms been found out there?
Civilization’s next step must be to reach its closest neighbor, MARS the crimsom frontier.
Backed by scientific data from experts in multiple fields, and following the latest achievements of science, it will ask viewers existential questions and will provide them with information to conclude their own answers.
Created by up-and-coming producer Eduardo Arrufat in collaboration with the astrophysicist Dr Christoph Kuckein.

Category: Series.
Genre: Documentary
Production Company: Kikazaru Films