Film and Television locations in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are without a doubt the best natural set for audiovisual productions of all kinds.
We have countless locations with different characteristics. Variety of landscapes, volcanoes, virgin beaches, lush forests, cliffs, rolling dunes, sea, seabed, lost villages …
In addition to a prodigious climate with excellent temperatures throughout the year, a constant spring full of blue skies and natural lighting that will allow you to be able to shoot outdoors without fear of inclement weather.


All this and much more makes the Canary Islands the favorite setting for large productions. Films like “Fast & Furious”, “Clash of the Titans”, “Han Solo, a Star Wars Story” and series like “The Witcher” or “Hierro” opt for the lucky islands as a framework to develop their plots.
We will help you in everything related to the search and management of locations for your project. We will be by your side throughout the island paradise experience, we will be your Sherpas on the tireless path of excellence.


The Canary Islands have a special tax regime in accordance with Spanish state regulations, and also with the Directives of the European Union, which allow generating incentives for the audiovisual sector:

45-54% direct deduction for foreign productions

(up to 54% in the first million euros, and 45% thereafter, with a limit of 18 million euros)

Basic requirements:

One million euros in expenses in the Canary Islands.

2 million euros of production budget.

Hiring a production company registered with the ICAA and with tax domicile in the Canary Islands.

For Animation and Postproduction, the minimum cost is € 200,000.

45-54% deduction for investment in Spanish productions

(Up to 54% in the first million euros, and 45% thereafter, with a limit of 18 million euros).

Basic requirements:

Obtaining the Canarian Certificate of Audiovisual Production. At least 50% of the deduction base must be made in Spain.

4% in Corporation Tax

Thanks to the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC), of which we are a part, audiovisual companies based in the Islands can benefit from a reduced tax rate of 4% on Corporation Tax.


The zero rate is applied to the execution of productions of feature films or audiovisual fiction, animation or documentary series.

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