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About us

Kikazaru 360 was born with the purpose to offer global solutions to any production Project.
Documentaries, corporate videos and advertising spots for international prestige brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW together with the all the other productions we carry out each year make Kikazaru 360 one of the most distinguished filmmaking production company nationwide.

Our Clients

Video content for brands

Each day, brands realise that video content is key to differentiate from the competition. We will create adequate audiovisual content for your brand. We will turn your video in new customers for you.

Video content

In every company, it is crucial that exist effective communication between customers and employees. Video content is 60.000 times more effective than the written word. Video should be your fist communication strategy.


Nowadays, documentaries are the best way to reach your target audience. Documentaries are a way of reaching new people with the purpose of publicize a special event, your company anniversary, a unique event.

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What does the video offer?

  • Online interactions that include videos greatly multiply the feedback and feed the brand-user relationship.
  • Approximately, 100 million users visualice at least one video per day, most of them surf the internet in search of services and products that cover a need.
  • A video equals 2 million words. So, without a doubt, videomarketing is the best technique when expressing the maximum content in the minimum time.
  • Build trust because customers prefer to hire a service or product from someone they have seen in a video.
  • YouTube videos early appear on the first page of Google searches and this makes the company’s website traffic higher. Furthermore, they also improve SEO.
  • Videos encourage interactivity: videos can be used to encourage customers to express their comments and sharing their ideas or suggestions.


We have a wide range of services as we offer an integral service that goes through the development of the creative idea and development of technical script, production services, photgraphy and lighting, location services, films permits, castings, recording and editing and taking care of the team (catering, acomodation tips, transportation). Work that is developed based in Tenerife with headquarters in Madrid and London.

Camera Operators

Promotional videos

Grabación y edición

Aerial Recording 4K


Creative idea and technical script development.

Corporate videos

Photography and lighting



Video Postproduction


Specialists in sports audiovisual production

Kikazaru TV is our sports audiovisual producer. This producer is specialized in alternative sport and we give our best to make your sporting event reach the largest number of spectators. A public that wants to see , hear and feel, almost by first hand, everything that happens and that we are able to transmit thanks to our human and professional staff, such as the advanced digital systems that we work with.

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