Óscar, una pasión surrealista

Synopsis / Plot

A revealing portrayal of a forgotten icon of French Surrealism: Spanish painter Óscar Domínguez, contemporary of Picasso. The film rediscovers the life of a talented artist who was ignored after he committed suicide, fifty years ago, victim of a serious illness which had disfigured his body: the Elephant Man’s disease. The film is stirring and touching and compels admiration for the bohemian painter whose fate was self-destruction, after a wild crazy life. Lucas Fernández turns the life of a debauchee, who regarded himself a monster because of his disfiguring disease, into a universal story where art is the product of love and loneliness, of sex and violence before, during and after the Nazi invasion of Paris.

Genre Drama | Biography
Producer: Kikazaru 360

Rocket 14


Rocket 14 is a children’s/youth program that addresses the issues that most concern young, teenagers.
From the problems that have to do with their age and environment such as: harassment, identity problems, hormonal changes, the relationship with other young people and with adults, to global problems and how they assume them: Ecology, climate change, the relationship with technology, solidarity, sexism, racism …
The programme deals with problems through the prism of empathy, solidarity, respect and ethics, through the journeys made by the protagonist on a space rocket that has the particularity of travelling from one place on earth to another in seconds.

Genre: Infantile / Juvenile
Producer: Kikazaru 360

Mars: Crimson Frontier


Is a documentary series that contextualizes why civilization must move forward in space exploration. The series spreads the feeling of humanity as a single society with one common purpose, to further civilization as a universal species in an attempt to ensure survival. It provides arguments about whether intelligent life is exclusive to Earth or if it isn’t, why haven’t other life forms been found out there? Civilization’s next step must be to reach its closest neighbor, MARS the Crimson Frontier.
Backed by scientific data from experts in multiple fields, and following the latest achievements of science, it will ask viewers existential questions and will provide them with the information to conclude their own answers. Created by up-and-coming producer Eduardo Arrufat in collaboration with astrophysicist Dr Christoph Kuckein.

Category: Short Film
Género: Documentary
Coproduction: Kikazaru 360


José Alberto Hernández

CEO / Director

20 years of experience in audiovisual production for major brands such as: Grupo Illunion, Keiser Group, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Grupo Motorpres, Salomon, Suunto, Spartan Race, Worlwide Events, eventos deportivos.

Eduardo Arrufat

Film Producer

MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University Accredited in Digital Production by New York Film Academy Short film director and creative producer of entertainment for TV and Internet Active member of astronautics (ISTAT) and space industry (NSS) Creator of “Crimsonaut”, a space drama that follows the daily reports of a crew on its flight to Mars. Released via Amazon Kindle Cofounded RedEddy Ltd.

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Investments in the Canary Islands


With an area of 3,000 square meters, Plató del Atlántico has in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife a modern building designed for the occasion by leading companies in the sector: Cast Ingeniering (Barcelona) and Vitelsa(Madrid).
The building is made up of three specially equipped, soundproofed and digitalized Broadcast Sets that occupy a useful space of 1,500 square metres.

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