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About us

After than a decade as an specialized on sports audiovisual filmmaking production company, Kikazaru 360 was born with the purpose to offer global solutions to any production project. After the experience gained with the work & production of two weekly programs broadcasted in national tv (Movistar +) Kikazaru has also taken the step to specialize in the advertising world.

Documentaries, corporate videos and advertising spots for international prestige brands like Mercedes and BMW together with all the other productions we carry out each year make Kikazaru 360 one of the most distinguished filmmaking production company nationwide

We emphathize, we create, we develop, we make it happen.


We have a wide range of services as we offer an integral service that goes through the development of the creative idea and development of technical script, production services, photgraphy and lighting, location services, films permits, castings, recording and editing and taking care of the team (catering, acomodation tips, transportation). Work that is developed based in Tenerife with headquarters in Madrid and London.

  • Creative idea and technical script development.
  • Production services.
  • Location.
  • Casting.
  • Catering.
  • Photography and lighting.
  • Recording and editing.


Our base is in Tenerife (Spain). Tenerife is home to a huge diversity of landscapes on a relatively small area hard to find anywhere else. In a distance of few kilometres you can find sandy beaches, rocky beaches, mild mountains, steep mountains, volcanoes, forest, deserts, tropical landscapes, urban locatios, shine and rain. Emblematic locations with a great scenic value. We refer to points of worldwide interest such as the Teide National Park, the Anaga Rural Park or the Teno Rural Park. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of shooting in much more urban landscapes, in cities such as the capital of the island or in the south.

A reference in the latest recordings of the great international film studios!


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