Alien invasion on Fimucité 2018

By the end of September will take place on Tenerife the 12nd edition of Fimucité, the cinema’s Music Festival of Tenerife, an unmissable event for the lovers of the seventh art.

This year, the theme will be about the UFOs sighting and the alien invasions on cinema. Last December was announced that the theme will have Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Diego Navarro and The Symphonic Orchestra of Tenerife as the “four elements that perfectly define what we are going to find on the European Premiere of the Festival”.

This edition was presented last December for the insular director of Culture, Education and Artistic Unities, José Luis Rivero; the vice-councilor of Culture of the Government of the Canary Islands, Aurelio González; the manager of the Autonomous Organism of Musical Activities of La Laguna, Tomás López-Perea, and the Festival director, Diego Navarro.

According to Diego Navarro, the fundamental phrase for understanding this year festival is “the truth is out there”, slogan of the famous TV series “The X-Files”.

The opening of the festival will be on September 21st in the Teatro Leal of La Laguna with the Jean-Michel Bernard’s concert, “Play Piano Play: A cinematic Journey”. Otherwise, the closing ceremony will be on September 29th in the Auditorio of Tenerife, with “The Truth is Out There”, concert where will remember the music of films like “Mars Attack”, “Contact”, “Abyss” and “X-Files” TV series, among others.

Fimucité has become a reference festival for the cinema and music lovers, having the last year about 7000 spectators among all the programmed concerts.


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