Canary Island, a paradise for cinema

Producing a film means so many things. Every detail counts, from the moment that we are writing the script until to the moment to recording the film. All is important in Cinema.

Throughout the process there are many alternatives that can make our project lean towards one side or another of the balance. Therefore, having a quality production team is very important to the result. In this way, choosing where and how we are producing cinema can be decisive.

Thereby, have an advantage can be even more important, could decisive. Canary Islands, one of the five archipelago of Macaronesia, is geographically apart of the rest of Spain, and because of that have a specific tax regime, which makes Canary Island a unique enclave for cinema. In this line, the islands offer a series of attractive tax advantages that promote the economic and social development of the archipelago.

These characteristic in the field of audiovisual production can be significative advantageous. While in the mainland the incentive is 20-25% for the productions in cinema, in Canary Island is 40-45% deduction. All the advantages are almost nothing if we speak about the surprising territorial biodiversity of the islands. These circumstances make Tenerife, and the rest of the islands, one of the best places to makes cinema.

Everything, without forgetting the wheather of the islands, the natural conditions and the wide diversity of landscapes. In addition to a remarkable team of professionals with experience in film production. Having a good film project can be even better if the development of this one is in a context with economic advantages. In addition to incredible landscape, and professional workers in the Canary Islands.

In this way, being a favorite space to makes cinema has meant that as much as Tenerife and the rest of the islands have developed a wide range of technical possibilities, human resources and administrative facilities.

Why choose another place then?


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