Cinema as a didactic tool

Cinedfest is the Educational Festival of the Canarian Cinema that combines Audiovisual Formation and a Short Films Festival made by students. Organized by the Canarian Government and the inter-island council of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, it pretends to introduce cinema like a didactic tool.

The schools present their audiovisual pieces, from the finalist will come from. They will be proyected on the award ceremony gala, that will take place on Cines Yelmo Meridiano of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and then, they will be shown on TV Canaria.

This proyect includes the Short Film Festival, face-to-face intensive courses of formation and online tools. The goal is to put closer the audiovisual language to the students, and to use cinema as a learning tool.

This fifth edition counts with 48 finalist short films, 12 for every category of learning level (Primary, Secundary, Baccalaureate and FP/CEPA). However, the more than 530 short films could be visualized on the official web of the festival.

With more than 220 schools that have presented their proyects, the final gala will take place today, 21st juny, on the Yelmo Cines of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and could be seen through YouTube. It will be 65 awards, among them, an award to the best animation work made by a FP or CEPA center, arts school or cinema school, and an award for the best short film of primary, secundary or baccalaureate. Besides it, to reward thebilingualism, an special award will be given to the best short film of non-Spanish talk.


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