Don Quijote will close the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival, one of the most popular film festivals, is celebrating this year his 71st edition. Along with the Mar de Plata, Berlin, San Sebastian and Venice Film Festivals, this is one of the biggest events that exists for cinema lovers.

For years this festival has attracted experts in cinema from anywhere in the world. This film festival marks a whole year loving cinema. In addition, some films previews are organized throughout France.

But what we would never imagine is that our Don Quijote would close the Festival. Thanks to the British film director, Terry Gilliam, and his film «Who Killed Don Quijote», Spain will have a little spot in the prestigious film festival on the French Riviera.

It may seem simple, but it is not after this film entered into a war of rights between the director and the producer, Paulo Branco, who says that his rights on the film have not been respected. This producer had bought the copyright for the film in April 2016. But, different disagreements, makes that the British filmmaker finished the film with other producers.

Don Quijote has had it and he has it difficult because of Branco’s recent threats to prevent his projection, but in spite of everything, it indicates that the Lord of La Mancha will mark the closing of the festival.


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