El Socorro, a beach that transforms itself into a cinema

El Socorro, the surfer Tenerife North’s beach, transforms itself on August in an outdoor cinema theater.

It will be from 13rd to 18st August when some titles will be projected on the beach, making the sand a perfect pit for this natural cinema theater.

The programming will start on Monday 13rd, with the movie “Perfectos desconocidos”, and for all the week a movie will be projected every night at 21:30h. On Tuesday 14h August, the movie will be “The Theory of Everything”; on Wednesday 15th, the movie “Canta”.  On Thursday 16th, the movie will “Loving”, on Friday 17th, “La llamada”, and by last, on Saturday 18th August, the movie “Wonder”.

A proposal that has had a good reception on previous years, transforming a famous beach on an outdoor cinema with the sea like the background.

The diversity of the movies, and the incomparable frame of the beach like this, has made this initiative a good plan for the people of Los Realejos.




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