Fantastic cinema comes back to Tenerife for the second edition of Isla Calavera

The Fantastic Film Festival from Canary Islands, Isla Calavera, is going to be the next month, on november between days 19 and 25 in the Multicines Tenerife, on Alcampo shopping center, La laguna. The festival was officially presented the past october 18 on the governing body of Tenerife.

The festival will honor differents actors, reference of the horror and fantastic cinema. The festival will give three honor prizes for their contribution to the genre.

The winners are the english actress Caroline Munro. Her famous role was in one of the movies of James Bond, in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977. Most of his career was acting on horror and fantastic films.

To be able to participate in the movie of the famous british detective, she had to refuse the role of Ursa, the villain in  the first adpatation of Superman on cinemas. She also the part in some spanish movies like El aullido del Diablo, with Paul Naschy, one of the most recognized horror actors in Spanish cinema.

Another  winner of the honor prize is Mick Garris, creator of Master of horror,  a serie with a big success, wich the episode are not related with the previous one. All episodes was directed by big names on the genre.

The american director also directed the adaptation to TV of The Shining. The famous book from Stephen King, previously adapt to cinema by Stanley Kubrick.

The last honor prize its for Enzo. G Castellari, famous italian director of spaghetti western and science fiction movies, highlighting the two parts of I guerrieri del Bronx.

Another of the festival’s strengths will be the proyection of the last movie from Lars Von Trier, The House that Jack built, that already have been in the Sitges and Cannes festival.

Isla Calavera also coincides with the 30 anniversary of, My neighbour Totoro¸ the film from Miyazaki, so there will also be a exposition dedicated to one of the biggest films of japanese animation.


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