FICMEC, an environmental film festival that you can’t miss

This week, from May 25th to 3rd June is celebrated in Garachico, Tenerife, the Canary Islands’ International Festival of Environmental Films, FICMEC.

A proposal that fulls the North of Tenerife of culture and cinema, besides the respect for the environment throught the cinema.

Between the proyections, stands out the documentary “Kilian Jornet, Path to Everest”, inside of the proyect “Summits of My Life”, directed by Josep Serra.

“Summits of My Life” is the personal proyect of Kilian Jornet, where throught five years he traveled to some of the more emblematic summits of the planet for trying to stablish the ascent and descent records of some of the tougher mountains of the Earth.

The proyect is narrowly tied to some values and to a purist and minimalist way to understand the mountain.

On «Path to Everest», the athlete discovers his fears and contradictions, besides his illusions.
With space for short films, large films and documentarys, FICMEC carries on from 1982 showing to the world the proposals of conservation, preservation, development, wellness, economy and some other. A festival that shows itself like a needed space in a place like Canary Island, located on a unique enclave. Like the festival’s description says, “an island territory located on the map over current major information routes, trade, tourism, goods transport, flow of people, cultural exchanges…”.

FICMEC is a date with cinema and environment for not missing.


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