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Because of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival there’s a lot of cinema celebrities walking over the red carpets around the city this week. Tilda Swinton, Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlman, Pam Grier… All of them, great personalities to write big monographics about. But today we’re looking for someone less visible. A name maybe well-known by FX fans but probably unknown for others just because he’s not an actor.

As a part of the Serial Sitges section, tonight, at 10 p.m., the Tramuntana Meliá Center will show the The Waliking dead ninth season premiere, with our day main personality as master of ceremonies: Greg Nicotero.

To tell all this artist’s filmography would be so long that we’re sure you’d skip reading titles and just start another article. So let’s do a quick overview saying that it’s impossible you haven’t seen any of his works one way or another. He’s an FX expert, global FX but very specialised in makeup special effects: zombies, monsters, eaten up faces, wounds, croc men… all of them goes from a writer’s imagination to the real world thanks to his work.

Although he works in a lot of films, actually, is the zombies tv show which brings him the more public recognition. Greg started his FX interest while watching Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. He couldn’t understand how they could create a men eater big shark. He started his work in Pittsburg under George Romero’s order, making his debut in a big project with The day of the dead. This is the film when he met his future KNB EFX Group’s associate Howard Berger. He moved to Hollywood making his long term career. He were on the Predator (1987) creation, moving Freddy’s head in the fifth Nightmare on Elm Street, in The army of darkness, Evolution, Hulk, Texas Chain Massacre, Piranha 3D…

It could be possible you unknowingly seeing his face. He had a brief cameo in some of his productions. All unnamed characters, in occasional appearances like the gas station guy or a boat captain. He was a The Walking Dead different zombie in five times. This Tv shows brought him his director opportunity and comic-con recognition, even being an special guest in the Mythbuster’s zombie special.

An interesting personality with a lot to say, tonight in the episode projection or tomoroow in a meeting organized at 5 p.m.

Greg Nicotero zombified


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