International film production made in Canary Island

Did you know that these movies have been made a few kilometers away from the place where you live?

We use to think that the cinema is something intangible or distant, that the actors, directors and producers are rather unreal people, almost from another world. They appear on our screens and that’s it.

However, if you live in the Canary Islands, this will not seem at all like that. This paradise in the middle of the Atlantic has characteristics that make it unique for the films production. That’s why you can hear in the middle of Tenerife: Action! And on any road in Lanzarote you can see people producing movies or add; or even in the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can find every year their International Film Festival.

Maybe you do not know, but some of the movies you’ve seen have been made here, in Canary Island. And not only because of its a place with fiscal advantages, but because its landscapes and professional people working in cinema. That means attrack multitude of projects.

Jason Bourne and Fast & Furious 6 are twoof the most famous films that hosted Tenerife, and The Dictator is a famous one recorded in Fuerteventura.

Wild Oats was filmed in Gran Canaria, where the diversity of the island was perfect for this film.

Each of the islands has a particular attraction that makes it unique. Landscapes, wide stretches of sand, volcanoes or cosmopolitan cities, all of this in Canary Island. All film directors find what they are looking for in the Canary Islands.

My Enemy, The Last of the Philippines, The Broken Embraces, Chaotic Ana, Exodus, Allies or Clash of the Titans are just some examples of films that over the years have been recorded in these islands.
And it is that the advantage situation of the Canaries is not something recent, but goes back years ago when in 1956 Moby Dick was shot one of the first films in the islands.

None of these films is the same or looks like landscapes, aesthetics or shooting, which highlights the endless options that are hidden in these seven islands.


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