La Palma will bring cinema closer to the stars

From 30th August to 2nd September, it will be celebrated the International Exhibition of Astronomical Cinema, MICA. Is the only festival in the world about cinema and astronomy, and it is celebrated in La Palma from 2015. In the beggining, it was related to an express competition from the northeast region of the island, and in 2018 it begins its walking in solitary like a bigger and more accesible to a massive audience of all ages.

This edition (IV Version – Edition of the Planets) bring with it a lot of news: map to localize the specific headquartes, a non-canary band in Astro-Rock (Pájaro 1 Pájaro 2, that will share night with Kasa Libre, Gaf and Estrella de la Muerte, Pumuky, Llam Street & Music and Eva olvido), up to five passes of the International Competition of Astronomic  Short Films Polaris (everyone of them with differents short films), opening with cinema, tastings, telescopes and Pepper Selectors… And the first MICA Camping, between another news.

All are free access activities, and several activities have already been presented before the festival. For example, yesterday, 16th July, was presented on the Casa de la Cultura in El Paso (La Palma), two shorts films. Orbit Ever After (Jamie Stone, Ireland, nominated to a Bafta on 2014 and winner of Polaris Award of MICA in 2015), and The Spacial Dream (Ignacio Malagón, 2016). Besides it, a tasting was offered with the participation of the Bodegas Teneguía. This way, it has been part of the program of the Feast of the Bajada de la Virgen de El Paso.

After this participation on the feasts, MICA will entry on the last weeks of the promotional campaign, going first throught the rooftop of the PARA Team, on Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 2nd August, and in its own presentation on 30th August on Fuencaliente.



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