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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hosts the 9th Cine+Food Festival

From today, august the 30th, till sunday -september the 2nd-, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will held the Cine+Food Festival ninth edition: in which gastronomy mixes with the seventh art.

One of the greatest events is the film Yucatán special screening with the presence of director Daniel Monzón and the actress from Tenerife Toni Acosta whom will chat with the attendee audience.

The films will be shown in multiples areas. The main area is Santa Catalina’s Park, surrounded by kids Tirma Miller area, Cinesa cinemas and Elder Museum Cinemax.

Santa Catalina’s Park will show last year’s most successfuls films like Dunkerque (Christopher Nolan, 2017), Avengers: Infinity War (Anthony&Joe Russo, 2018), The shape of water (Guillermo del Toro, 2017) or Coco (Lee Unkrich, 2017) amongst others, besides an advance of The voyager chef tv show.

Cinesa Cinema’s will show some group of series: asian serie -including a terror based asian films marathon-, women serie, the eighties serie, the art serie and the Venezuela series.

Elder Museum Cinemax shows its own two series: Ingmar Bergman’s films and documentary serie titled Zero plastic. This serie is a part of the Festival’s good will to be sustainable: every material used and delivered to the clients will be recycled ones, and there will be recycling trash cans all around the place.

The differents events surrounding this films are showcookings, concerts -as Gran Canaria Big Band’s Frank Sinatra & West Side Story tributes- or a Coreography Contest for the island’s dancing groups.

There will be menus from differents gastronomies all around the Globe: Hawaii, Colombia, Italy, Ethiopia, Mexico, Morocco, Argentina, Japan, Portugal, Uruguay, Germany, Norway, India and the United States, all of them cooked with local products.


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