Lower taxes on cinema tickets

The Value Added Tax (VAT) of the movie tickets will go down this Thursday from 21% to 10%, after the publication of the BOE (State Official Newsletter) of the State’s General Budgets 2018.

It will be every cinema who will decide this measure to the price of their tickets, while a FACUA (Consumers in Action) study says that the descent of the tickets price should be of 66 cents on average.

The movie tickets were not included on the descent of the cultural tax of 2017, because it only affected the cultural spectacles and live shows.

According to the FACUA, the most expensive cinemas on weekends and holidays, days of greater influx of public, were on Barcelona and Madrid, with tickets of some cinemas that costed 10 euros.

The Federation of Cinemas in Spain (FECE) has shown their satisfaction upon hearing this news, celebrating the back to normal of the tax applied to the cinemas.


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