Canary Islands are still on trend for Hollywood’s blockbusters. The islands’ tax benefits and its extraordinary and variety of landscapes have been an attractive lure for the US big producers over the last years. Films as Bourne, In the heart of the sea, Fast&Furious 6 or the Wrath of the Titans saga had chosen the Canary islands as setting.

It seems, the jackpot is again to Tenerife island this year. We’ve already known about Wonder Woman 1984’s Tenerife filming. Now, we add two more US films to be filmed in the island: Rambo V & War pigs.

Nu Boyana -a Millenium subsidiary- is the production company behind those films. Both of them will be filmed during last trimester of the year. Actually, the are in location shots search phase, althought is known Santa Cruz de Tenerife would be one of them.

About Rambo V, we known it will film in the island’s capital city since mid-november during about three weeks. The citizens will repeat the experience they had with Bourne. The Mayor has claimed it will be announced whatever issues -like traffic interruptions- could happen to the neighbours, like happened when Bourne was filmed. Production counts on 200 people, including about 20 locals.

As we know the film plot, we can assume Santa Cruz de Tenerife will turn into a mexican village, since John Rambo -played once more by Sylvester Stallone- will face a mexican cartel in his possible very last adventure. The film is directed by Adrian Grunberg and its rumoured by also Sly himself.

Although we know far less about War pigs, there are some common zones with the famous american soldier film. War Pîgs is starred by Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell, playing two ex-Special Forces soldiers who get undercover in a drug dealer band to avenge one of their former fellows and pull off a big heist. It’s directer by Tommy Wrikola and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura.


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