Nu Boyana Films Studio decides to stay in Tenerife

The production company Nu Boyana Films Studio, subsidiary of Millennium Films one of the biggest production company from Hollywood and the one with the most relevance on indie movies, has decided to open a permanet office in Tenerife, specifically on the capital of the island.

The producer its going to record in the island some escenes from Rambo V, with Sylverter Stallone and Paz Vega as main characters, and fot other movie called War Pigs, with Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell. The idea of a permanent office its keep going with more movie projects on the island.

Nu Boyana was created on 1962 on Bulgary, in 2007 it was privatized and change to the actual Nu Boyana Film Studio. On the last years the producer company has developed somes big projects like Hell Boy, Loving Pablo or 300: Rise of an Empire.

Alfonso Cabello, counselor for Economic Promotion in Santa Cruz town hall, was very happy with the news, sayinh that “it’s a great news for the island that the biggest producer company on indie films has deciding  open an office here to bring more proyects”. The counselor also say that they are putting the maximun facilities taht they can to make this happenig as soon as it posible.

This news confirm Canary Island as one of the place that is earning relevance on the recording of international movies. This boom motiva


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