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Yesterday, it was confirmed Paz Vega will have a role in Rambo V, filming soon in Tenerife. The spanish actress will play a mexican journalist who covers the mexican drugs trade and who will join Rambo after the cartel kills her half-sister.

After knowing her in spanish tv shows such as Menudo es mi padre, her debut, Compañeros and Siete vidas, Paz Vega started a succesful career in cinema with Mateo Gil’s Nadie conoce a nadie, casted with Eduardo Noriega. In 2001 she had her launching year, casted in the genre violence drama Mine alone and having the leading role on Lucía y el sexo. She was nominated in the Spanish Academy Awards (the Goyas) for both roles, as Best Actress in a leading role in the first one and as Best breakthorugh actress performance in the second one, winning the second one. Almódovar then called her for Hable con ella and was casted in the succesful comedy El otro lado de la cama.

It’s in this moment when she went to Hollywood in 2004, sharing film with Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni in Spanglish, a comedy focused on the latin american inmigrants adaptation difficulties in the United States. This character gave her foreign recognition, like her latest participation on the Netflix tv show The OA, although she hasn’t stop working in both country since then.

Last years, she came back to the spanish tv, winning again status in her home country in tv show like Perdóname, Señor, Fugitiva or El Continental. Paz Vega has now another chance to get her name worlwide known by acting in a hyped blockbuster. Best of lucks for her, who keeps hard working with all the dignity this job requires.

Announced title

At the same time Paz Vega’s cast was being announced, it also has been announced the american soldier sequel film’s title. Last blood is the chosen one, closing the circle started by First blood in the saga first film, maybe announcing the very last film in this famous saga.


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