Ron Howard’s signature takes Canary Islands to the big screen

This weekend, we could see on cinemas “Solo, a Star Wars story”. A story that has been shooted, partially, in Canary Islands.

It has been Fuerteventura, specifically Pájara, the place that has been turn into a part of the most famous universe of the cinema history. Directed by Ron Howard, this is not the first time that the director signs a movie that has been the islands like a set. In 2013, the american director was on La Gomera and Lanzarote for shooting some scenes of the movie “In the heart of the sea”, starred by Chris Hemsworth. In that time, the open waters of La Gomera were the stars, because the movie was about the real story that inspired the Moby Dick novel, the tragedy of the whaling ship called Essex. Howard declared that the experience had been “wild”.

Maybe that cool experience moved him to carrying him team to Lanzarote, where he shooted the shipwrecked scenes at the Golfo beach. Of the shooting in both islands, Howard said that “had been an extraordinary creative experience”.

A creative experience that he couldn’t live personally in 2017. IT was in may when the production team moved to Fuerteventura, to Cañada de la Barca, in Pájara, for shooting scenes for Coreilla, the birth planet of Han Solo. It was just before Ron Howard took charge of the movie, that has been first directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. However, because the disagreement with the producers, finally was Howard who ended the film. Remember that Howard won an Oscar for “A beautiful mind” and has directed films like “Da Vinci Code”, “Angels and Demons” and “Cowboys & Aliens”.

This week, once again, the natural set of Canary Islands arrives to the cinemas. This time, like a part of the universe created by George Lucas. Released by the first time on the Cannes Festival, “Solo: a Star Wars Story”, is starred by Alden Ehrenreich, in the role of the most famous troublemaker of the galaxy.


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