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Today, one of the most important cinema festivals in Spain starts: Sitges International Fantastic Film Festivalstarts. From today to Octobre the 14th, the city’s pictures theatres will show the chosen films on their corresponding sections for the enjoyment of the spectators.

The jury, formed by the spanish actress Carolina Bang, the writer, scientific journalist and space historian Piers Bizony, the artistic director Anaïs Emery, swedish terror writer John Ajvide Lindqvist and the screenwriter Fernando Navarro, will have the hard duty to give the Awards divided between the 33 films in Fantástic Official section.

There’s a subsection in the Official section. The Fantástic Discovery section is focused in the new directors to keep the Festival goal to serve as launching platform to the new artists.

We’ll can watch, in specials sessions out of contest, the documental Anime en femenino realized by Enrique Garrido about the japanese animation women authors; the film Bocadillo (Sandwich) by galician youtuber Wismichu; the film El pianista (The pianist) by Mario Gas released twenty years ago in this same Festival; documental El pionero: el cine parapsicológico de Sebastiá D¡Arbó and Shattered fragments, a film by Sitges’ Film Academy students.

Brigadoon section, focused in the fantastic and horror independent films, we’ll find a Frankenstein retrospective since it’s its second centenary and the film from Tenerife Apocalipsis Voodoo getting more success by day.

Since it’s another film anniversary, this time the 40th, one of the biggest atracttions will be the out of contest show of the Halloween saga new film, with Jamie Lee Curtis again as main character, in a film which ignores previous sequels to center the saga in Laurie’s perspective.

It’s very hard to sum up in such a little space an important and full of content Festival like this one, so we are going to finish this article with this year honored artists: australian director Peter Weir, who started his career with fantastic films moving to a generic ones in the next years, and actress Pam Grier, receiveng Màquina del Temps Award.

So, we let you with the poster image. A monolith just in the middle of Sitges’ sea. 2001‘s monolith in its 50th birthday. A poster worth of hunging up in your room wall.


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