The best cinemas of Europe

There isn’t a better environment to enjoy a movie that in a good cinema theatre. Comfortable, cozy, modern, warm and be able to wrap the spectator. We introduce you five special cinema theaters, distributed by all Europe, where watching a movie is an experience, besides the big screen.

Sol Cinema, South Gales, United Kingdom

It is announced like the smallest cinema of the Solar System, and maybe it is right. With space for only eight adults, is a small theatre inside of a caravan. Seeing it, it is difficult to believe that eight adults could enter there, but it even has a red carpet.

Kino Pionier, Szczecin, Poland

Is the oldest conserved cinema theater in the entire world, built in 1909, and it has 82 seats. Is perfect for seeing silent movies, like it was done at the moment when the cinema was opened. A unique experience.

Le Grand Rex, Paris, France

Is the biggest cinema theatre in Europe, was created on 1932 and was catalogued like an historical monument. It has capacity for 2800 spectator and it is included on the touristic guides of the city. Outsize.

Thissio Cinema, Athens, Greece

An outdoor cinema where you can see the illuminated Acropolis at the background. A movie scenery perfect for the summer nights.

Electric Cinema, London, United Kingdom

With more than a hundred years, this cinema theatre counts with red leather armchairs, beds on the first row, little tables and little lamps like a Moulin Rouge salon. This cinema survived to two World Wars and is a hard reason to visit Portobello Road.

And now, would you like to see a movie?


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