The casting for Rambo V begins

We already know that Stallone has decides to get again in the skin of Rambo in her 70´s. This will be the fifth time he plays the action hero for a movie.
We also know that one of the chosen location for film the movie, with London and Bulgaria, was the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, where there going to film in Arico, Abades and some points of Santa Cruz, even though all these locations will have to look like México, country where the film happen, and Rambo will face a cartel of that country.

For the filming on the island, the production company Nu Boyana, a Millenium subsidiary, was going to need 900 canary extras between 18 and 80 years old and with some characteristics like Latin features or muscles and tattoos for special figurations with more time at camera.

Before the in-person casting, the production company opened an online form for those that was interested in take part on Rambo’s comeback to action. The solicitations reached 3000 applicants that since last Thursday, October 18th have to be at the Adán Martín auditorium in the capital, for the in-person casting with the people from Nu Boyana.

The same production company it’s going to film another movie in Tenerife at the beginning of the next year. The movie it’s called War Pigs, another movie action, this time based on marines that will count with renowned actors as Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell.

For this film they will also going to need extras that live on the island so we will have to be attented to the opening of registrations for the casting.

This only confirms Canary Islands as one of the best destinations for the recording of the biggest films projects.


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