The news of Fimucité 2018

An exclusive webserie created to promote the event and the programming of new concerts, besides the symphonic concerts already scheduled. It stands out the new show “Cine de Barrio”, in association with RTVE.

At the beginning of June was presented the original webserie “The truth is out there”, produced for the Internacional Festival of Cinema Music of Tenerife, Fimucité, in collaboration with Audi Canarias. Based on the main theme of the event, cinema of UFO sighting and alien invasions, the webserie is available on the different communication channels of Fimucité. The first chapter is already online, and the second and third will come on July and August, before the celebration of the Festival on September.

The webserie is directed by the producer Pedro Felipe Fernández, and starring by Raquel Rial, with the components of “El Supositorio”, Conrado Flores y José Ramallo, and with the collaboration of Andrés Brito. The original soundtrack is composed by the artistic director of the festival, Diego Navarro, and the script is signed by Pedro J. Mérida and Conrado Flores.

Cine de Barrio in concert

The other new of the festival is “Cine de Barrio in concert”. Fimucité will include this show on its program, called “Cine de Barrio in Concert”, in collaboration with Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). In this show, it will be presented a selection of popular pieces of Spanish cinema classics, which will be played in the Teatro Guimerá on Septembre 23rd.

The musical director of this concert will be the pianist David Quevedo, with Esther Ovejero and Fran León like main vocalists. RTVE will be who filmed this show and the complete Fimucité, to release later to a regional, national and international level.


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