Llega la segunda edición del Icod low cost Film Festival

This Wednesday, November 7, starts the second edition of the Icod low cost film Festival, and  will last until next Sunday. The headquarters of the festival will be La Casa de los Cáceres.

It is a cultural project that was born with the aim of promoting Icod de los Vinos as a place for filming and bring this artistic discipline to its habitants and those who want to know how it works from within.

During the days of the festival the streets of the municipality will host a multitude of filming, becoming a huge film set.

The Icod Low Cost Film Festival will be structured in two parts that are:

– A contest, where those who have registered will have to prepare their short films from the beginning to be able to win the contest. The deadline for the delivery of the short films ends on Saturday 10 at 20:00. The delivery will be made at the Casa de los Cáceres. On Sunday, at the closing gala, the short films will be shown and the prizes will be awarded.

– The other part will be a challenge called «icoDcine» where Rut Angielina G. Fuentes will be the director. Rut will have to shoot a short film out of competition where all the people who want to be part and have signed up will participate.The director will not know anything of the project, nor the characteristics, or how many people will participate until the moment in which the shooting begins.

Apart from the Festival itself, other activities was done. One of those activities was the course on events productions that Nadia Castilla will give. The course will try to show the production of events from a practical perspective.

Another activity was the creation of a workshop called «Basic ideas for filming short film from the beginning» that aimed to provide basic knowledge for the creation of an audiovisual piece. This workshop was taught by Miguel Hathiramani, graduated on record in film and television production by the Art University of London.

In this edition the Icod de los Vinos low cost film festival joins Tiempo Sur – Festival de Cortometrajes de La Palma and Tenerife Noir – Festival Atlántico del Género Negro. In each of the festivals, the short films that have won in the other festivals will be screened.


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